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Soft, elegant and exotic.  An intoxicating mix of luxurious materials, elegant design detailing and heirloom quality craftsmanship make Indian shawls and scarves treasured wardrobe staples.

The freeform nature of an Indian shawl or wrap means that it can be creatively worn or tied in a variety of ways.  An Indian scarf peeking out from under a coat can add an unexpected touch of style to a winter outfit.  You can also pair a paisley scarf with a simple sweater or jacket.  Wrapping an embroidered Indian shawl around your shoulders will keep you warm in an elegant way.  Many of our wool shawls from India are also great for home décor and look stunning on the back of a chair or sofa. 

At Heritage Trading, we believe that quality and style don’t have to cost a fortune.  Our Kashmiri embroidered shawls are artisan-stitched with exceptional quality and design, while our jamawar shawls are intricately woven with Persian or Mughal inspired patterns. 

A western eye for color and design, combined with our direct access to Indian manufacturers and online efficiency, mean that our clients find styles they love at the best possible prices.  Many of our woolen shawls are reversible, offering two fairly different color styles for the price of one.  Typically if one side is a darker color the other side will be a lighter color.  A brown and gold shawl on one side for example, will be a light cream or beige color on the reverse side. 

Remember that Indian wool shawls make wonderful gifts.  In our online store, you can find a shawl embroidered with a dense bouquet of colorful flowers or embroidered with a subtle border for your friend or sister.  Or perhaps an intricately patterned jamavar shawl would be more her style.  And you’ll never have to worry about choosing the correct size with a pashmina shawl wrap.

Products from Heritage Trading Company have been delighting customers worldwide for over 10 years. We invite you to join us as we continue to explore the luxury goods of India.

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