DIY – Test Dyeing Cotton Fabric

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To find out if our white cotton fabric could be dyed, I decided to run a quick experiment.  I cut swatches from three different types of our cotton fabrics and tried to dye them in the backyard.  One of the fabrics I chose was densely embroidered and the other two fabrics were sequined.

Before photo: The heavily embroidered fabric


Before photo: One of the sequined fabrics



  • 3 sample swatches of our white cotton fabric

  • 1 bottle of Rit All Purpose Dye in Blue

  • 1 pair of rubber gloves

  • 1 bucket

  • Some water

  • 1 stick (I just used one from a tree)

I poured the dye into the bucket and added some water.  Then I put the fabric swatches into the blue dye mixture.  I swished the fabric around in the dye in the plastic bucket for a few minutes.  The directions said to keep stirring for 30 to 60 minutes, which I did not do.  I did leave the fabric in the dye for 60 minutes and stirred occasionally ever 10 minutes or so. 

After 60 minutes, I rinsed the fabric swatches until the water ran clear.  Finally, I hung them on a clothesline outside to dry.      

The three fabrics were dyed together in the exact same dye lot.  Isn’t it interesting that the heavily embroidered fabric held on to the dye much more than the other two fabrics? 

Well, my experiment was a success!  Clearly our cotton fabric can be dyed.  I think many of our diy customers will be pleased to hear it.

Of course we would love to hear from anyone else that has been successful in dyeing cotton fabric.


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Do It Yourself - Dyeing Fabric

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