Product Highlight – Crewel Embroidered Trim

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If you are familiar with us on eBay, you know that we try to offer unusual and hard to find fabrics and trims from India at affordable prices. 

Today I wanted to highlight a new trim we discovered on a recent trip to India.  It is a wide, crewel embroidered trim.  It is embroidered with traditional patterns such as leaves, flowers and grapes on a vine. 

The embroidery thread is wool and it is embroidered onto a cotton duck fabric.  The fabric is a natural off white color.  Because the trim is a fabric and not a ribbon, the edges of the fabric will need to be turned under when you stitch the trim onto your project.

There entire effect of the trim is rustic but elegant at the same time.  I can see this trim being the perfect accent to a diy home décor project because it is a bit heavier and wider than most sewing trims.  It would look great sewn on the edge of a tablecloth or window curtain or perhaps on a throw pillow.  This trim would also work well for upholstery and other home furnishings.  Of course it would also look great on a winter dress or skirt or other heavier clothing items, such as jackets or capes.

What do you think of this new product?  How would you use the crewel embroidered trim?

Heritage Trading Product Links:

Crewel embroidered trim, green leaves.  $24.99 for 2 yards.

Crewel embroidered trim, pink flowers.   $24.99 for 2  yards.

Crewel embroidered trim, grape vines.   $24.99 for 2 yards.

Crewel embroidered trim, blue flowers.   $24.99 for 2 yards.

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Crewel Embroidered Trim

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