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Jal Mahal is a small lake palace in Jaipur.  It was built in 1730 as a pleasure palace during the time of Jai Singh’s rule, but fell into disrepair and for years was an eyesore/romantic ruin.

Fortunately a few years ago, a restoration initiative began to renovate Jal Mahal.  A huge part of the restoration process was cleaning up Man Sagar Lake, which was choked with aggressive water plants and garbage.

Although it is not open to the public yet, I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peak inside the newly restored Jal Mahal.  



This artificial island was created for birds.



I happened to look over the railing as we were walking down a hallway and found this picture perfect nest.






These pictures really only give you a taste of Jal Mahal.  It is well worth a visit.  On the list of fun things to do in Jaipur, an excursion to Jal Mahal is at the top. I can’t wait to go back!

Big thank you to Aaron and Dr. Shrey! 

Dick, Deb, Jill, Candace & John

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E.Kiran Mohan
E.Kiran Mohan

January 28, 2013

A picture speaks more than thousand words. And justice has been done by publishing so many images.

I liked the image of the nest of a bird with two eggs. Hope soon the youg chicks would incubate.

E.Kiran Mohan

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