Product Highlight – Gothic Lenten Vestment Trim

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As it is the Christian season of Lent, I wanted to highlight our violet gothic sewing trim.  Violet is the color typically worn by the clergy during these 40 days before Easter and this metallic jacquard trim would look beautiful on a religious vestment or stole.  Whenever I’m unrolling this trim to ship to a customer, I wonder if the trim will be used on a Lenten liturgical vestment.

The trim is approximately 2 inches wide.  It is jacquard-woven with a traditional, Neo-Gothic, Christian design.   In addition to purple, this sewing trim is also available in white, yellow, green and blue.

Since I am highlighting religious sewing trim in this article, I thought it might also be nice to showcase a few other Christian sewing goods.  The following three bullion appliqués are exclusive to Heritage Trading.  

A pair of doves appliqués representing hope and peace made with gold bullion.

A trinity symbol appliqué representing the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

An Ichthus or fish symbol appliqué which represents the secret symbol used by early Christians to recognize one another.

These Christian appliqués are the perfect size for liturgical vestments.  They would also fit nicely on the ends of a stole.   

Of course we would love to hear from anyone that has used these products for non-religious purposes.  Are there other religious symbols (including non-Christian symbols) you would like to see us carry? 

Heritage Trading Product Links:

Liturgical Vestment Trim, Metallic Gold on Purple, $12.99 for 3 yards

Liturgical Vestment Trim, Metallic Gold on White, $12.99 for 3 yards

Hand Embroidered Dove Appliqués, $17.99 for pair

Hand Embroidered Trinity Appliqués, $17.99 for pair

Hand Embroidered Ichthus Appliques, $17.99 for pair


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