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Hand beaded sewing trim is one of the most glorious artisan crafted products from India.  And it’s practically unknown outside that country.  It’s typically made with a combination of sequins, beads, metallic bullion, faux gems, and tambour embroidery. 

Caption: Double layers of sequins create 3-dimensional flowers. Turquoise, gold, and dark red bullion, along with a scattering of gold beads make the scrolls and leaves. 

Bullion, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, adds a wonderful texture to these trims.  It starts out as a long coil of wire, which the craftsmen cut into short pieces and stitch onto the trim like beads. 


Caption: Uncut bullion 



Caption: A bullion-embroidered button, surrounded by cut pieces of gold bullion. 

India’s professional embroiderers are both men and women.  Embroidery is a skill that has often been practiced by their families for generations.

Men usually work with others in embroidery studios, their work set up on large wooden frames. 


Photo Caption: The following three photos are from an embroidery studio in New Delhi.

When we visited this studio last year, the embroiderers were stitching appliqués.  We were fascinated by their work, but they found us pretty interesting, too.  Like the fellow in the center of the last picture, they took as many cell phone photos of us as we took of them!
The Indian women who do professional embroidery work at home and usually do it as a part-time occupation.  A coordinator will come to their homes, bringing the patterns that need to be stitched and all of the materials required for the work.  These ladies often use their wooden beds as embroidery frames.  Consequently, the lengths of the trim pieces they embroider will vary considerably, depending on the size of the bed and how they set up the work.


Caption: Detail of a bullion-embroidered appliqué


Caption: A colorful trim with sequins, bullion, and beads


Caption: An elegant trim with bullion and rhinestones on black velvet


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Nancy Smeltzer
Nancy Smeltzer

March 14, 2012

Absolutely great pictures. I’ve used your trim and appliques a lot in my art work over the years and have always admired the quality.

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