kashmiri embroidered shawl
kashmiri embroidered shawl
crewel embroidery on kashmiri shawl
Kashmiri shawl with Indian crewel embroidery
Black kashmiri shawl from India
kashmiri embroidered shawl from India
black shawl embroidered in shades of tan and green

Kashmiri Embroidered Shawl

Our generously sized, black wool shawl is embroidered in shades of tan and green.  Crewel, or chain stitch, embroidery has long been associated with the Indian region of Kashmir.  The artisan who stitched the design onto this Kashmiri embroidered shawl was working in that historic tradition.

Size: 80 inches long, 39 inches wide (200 centimeters long, 98 centimeters wide) 


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