Brown and Coral hand Beaded sewing trim
Brown and Coral hand Beaded sewing trim
Coral beaded sewing trim
bullion hand beaded sewing trim

Exuberant Brown Beaded Sewing Trim

Our Exuberant hand beaded sewing trim is from India.  A professional embroiderer stitched a sampler of textures onto this fancy, go-for-broke trim. 

The piece includes gold and coral sequins, along with bullion in several shades of brown and dark gold and lots of silver beads.  There are also red and blue faux gems.  Any spot on the background that wasn't already covered with beads was filled with tambour (chain stitch) embroidery using metallic gold and black thread.

Approximately 1 1/4 inches wide.  This piece is 87 inches long.

Length is 2.2 meters.  Width is approximately 3.3 centimeters. 



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